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What Is ERAC Toll on My Credit Card? Understanding Charges

When renting a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, you may notice an unexpected charge on your credit card statement labeled as “ERAC Toll.” This charge is related to the use of toll roads during your rental period. Understanding what ERAC Toll is and how it works can help you manage your expenses and avoid any surprises on your credit card bill.

Understanding ERAC Toll Charges

What Are ERAC Toll Charges?

ERAC Toll charges are fees incurred when you drive your rental car on toll roads. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a service called TollPass, which is linked to their rental vehicles. When you pass through a toll plaza, the toll charge is automatically captured and billed to your credit card.

These charges are separate from the base rental fee and are based on the actual usage of toll roads during your rental period. The toll charges are determined by the toll authority responsible for managing the specific toll road or bridge you used.

How ERAC Toll Charges Work

Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s TollPass service uses a transponder linked to the rental car to facilitate automatic toll payments. When you drive through a toll plaza, the transponder captures the toll charge, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car bills the amount to your credit card on file.

The TollPass service offers convenience by eliminating the need to stop at toll booths and make payments manually. It allows you to use cashless toll lanes and save time during your rental period.

ERAC Toll Charge Fees

In addition to the actual toll charges, Enterprise Rent-A-Car applies a convenience fee for using their TollPass service. This fee can range from $3.95 to $4.95 per day, depending on the rental location. However, there is usually a maximum cap on the convenience fee, typically around $30 per rental period.

It’s important to note that the convenience fee is charged for each day of your rental, regardless of whether you use toll roads or not. Therefore, if you do not plan on using toll roads extensively, it may be more cost-effective to pay tolls manually or use alternative routes.

ERAC Toll Charges on Your Credit Card

How ERAC Toll Charges Appear on Credit Card Statements

When you incur ERAC Toll charges, they will appear as separate transactions on your credit card statement. The charges will be labeled as “ERAC Toll” or similar, indicating that they are related to toll fees from your Enterprise Rent-A-Car rental.

The toll charges may not appear on your credit card statement immediately after your rental period ends. It can take some time for the toll authority to process the charges and for Enterprise Rent-A-Car to bill them to your credit card.

Manage ERAC Toll Charges on Your Credit Card

To effectively manage ERAC Toll charges on your credit card, consider the following tips:

  • Monitor your statements: Regularly review your credit card statements to identify any ERAC Toll charges and ensure they align with your rental activity.
  • Set up auto-payments: If you frequently rent from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and use toll roads, setting up automatic payments can streamline the process and avoid missed payments.
  • Maintain a sufficient credit limit: Ensure that your credit card has enough available credit to cover potential ERAC Toll charges, especially if you anticipate heavy toll road usage.
  • Track your transactions: Keep a record of your toll road usage during the rental period to cross-reference with the charges on your credit card statement.

Alternatives to ERAC Toll Charges on Credit Cards

If you prefer to avoid ERAC Toll charges on your credit card, you have a few alternatives:

  • Prepaid toll passes: Some regions offer prepaid toll passes that you can purchase separately and use during your rental period. These passes allow you to pay tolls directly without going through Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s TollPass service.
  • Pay with cash: If you have the opportunity, you can choose to pay tolls with cash at traditional toll booths. However, keep in mind that this may not be an option on all toll roads and can be less convenient.
  • Use a debit card: If you prefer not to use a credit card, you can provide a debit card as a payment method for your rental and tolls. However, be aware that debit cards may have different liability protections compared to credit cards.

Disputing ERAC Toll Charges

Common Reasons to Dispute ERAC Toll Charges

There are a few common reasons why you might need to dispute ERAC Toll charges:

  • Incorrect charges: If you notice toll charges on your credit card statement that do not match your actual toll road usage during the rental period, you may need to dispute the charges.
  • Fraudulent transactions: If you suspect that someone else used your rental car without your permission and incurred toll charges, you should dispute the charges as fraudulent.
  • Billing errors: Sometimes, technical glitches or human errors can result in incorrect billing. If you believe there is an error in your ERAC Toll charges, you have the right to dispute them.

How to Dispute ERAC Toll Charges

If you need to dispute ERAC Toll charges, a helpful resource is DoNotPay. DoNotPay is an AI-powered service that assists individuals in challenging various financial disputes, including toll charges from rental car companies.

With DoNotPay, you can easily submit a dispute for your ERAC Toll charges. The service guides you through the process, helping you gather the necessary information and evidence to support your claim. DoNotPay can generate a dispute letter on your behalf and send it to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, saving you time and effort.

Consequences of Unpaid ERAC Toll Charges

If you fail to pay your ERAC Toll charges, it can lead to several consequences:

  • Administrative fees: Enterprise Rent-A-Car may charge additional administrative fees for processing unpaid toll charges.
  • Fines and penalties: The toll authority may impose fines and penalties for unpaid tolls, which can significantly increase the amount you owe.
  • Collection agencies: If the unpaid charges remain unresolved, Enterprise Rent-A-Car may refer the matter to a collection agency, which can negatively impact your credit score.
  • Legal action: In severe cases, the toll authority or Enterprise Rent-A-Car may take legal action against you to recover the unpaid charges and associated fees.

To avoid these consequences, it’s crucial to stay on top of your ERAC Toll charges and address any discrepancies or disputes promptly.

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