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How to Close Savings Account Bank of America – Step by Step Guide

Preparing to Close Your Bank of America Savings Account

Closing a savings account at Bank of America requires some preparation to ensure a smooth process. Before initiating the account closure, it’s important to review your account details, cancel any recurring transactions, and withdraw or transfer any remaining funds. Taking these steps will help prevent potential issues and fees during the closure process.

Bank of America provides various tools and services to assist customers in managing their accounts, such as Online Banking and Mobile Banking. These platforms allow you to easily access your account information, including your account number, balance, and transaction history. Utilizing these resources can simplify the preparation process for closing your savings account.

Check Your Account Balance and Clear Outstanding Transactions

Begin by logging into your Bank of America Online Banking account or using the Mobile Banking app to check your current savings account balance. Make sure to note any outstanding transactions, such as pending deposits or withdrawals, that may affect your final balance.

If there are any pending transactions, wait for them to clear before proceeding with the account closure. This will help you accurately determine the final amount to withdraw or transfer from your savings account.

Cancel Recurring Payments and Direct Deposits

Review your transaction history to identify any recurring payments or direct deposits linked to your Bank of America savings account. These may include automatic transfers, bill payments, or salary deposits.

Contact the relevant companies or employers to update your payment or deposit information, providing them with an alternative account or payment method. This step is crucial to avoid any disruptions in your finances and ensure a seamless transition when closing your savings account.

Withdraw Remaining Funds or Transfer to Another Account

Once all pending transactions have cleared and recurring payments or deposits have been updated, it’s time to withdraw or transfer any remaining funds from your Bank of America savings account. You can do this through various methods, such as:

  • ATM withdrawal
  • Online transfer to another bank account
  • Wire transfer
  • Cashier’s check

Choose the method that best suits your needs and ensure that your savings account balance reaches zero before proceeding with the closure request. This will help you avoid any potential low balance fees or closure fees that may be associated with your account.

Methods to Close Your Bank of America Savings Account

Bank of America offers several convenient methods for closing your savings account, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your preferences and circumstances. Whether you prefer to handle the process online, over the phone, in person, or by mail, Bank of America provides clear instructions and assistance to ensure a smooth account closure experience.

Close Your Account Online Through Online Banking

If you have an Online Banking account with Bank of America, you can initiate the savings account closure process through the online platform. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Online Banking account
  2. Navigate to the “Customer Service” tab and select “Close Account”
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your account closure request

Closing your account online is a convenient option that allows you to complete the process from the comfort of your own home or office, without the need to visit a branch or wait on hold over the phone.

Close Your Account by Phone Through Customer Service

Another option for closing your Bank of America savings account is to contact customer service by phone. Follow these steps:

  1. Call Bank of America’s customer service at 1-800-432-1000
  2. Provide the representative with your account information and request to close your savings account
  3. Answer any necessary security questions to verify your identity
  4. Follow the representative’s instructions to complete the account closure process

Closing your account by phone allows you to receive personalized assistance from a Bank of America representative, who can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Close Your Account in Person at a Financial Center

If you prefer a face-to-face interaction, you can visit your local Bank of America financial center to close your savings account. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Locate your nearest Bank of America financial center
  2. Bring a valid government-issued photo ID for identity verification
  3. Inform the representative that you want to close your savings account
  4. Follow their instructions to complete the necessary paperwork

Closing your account in person allows you to have a direct conversation with a Bank of America representative, who can assist you with any specific concerns or questions you may have regarding your account closure.

Mail a Written Request to Close Your Savings Account

If you cannot visit a financial center or prefer not to close your account online or by phone, you can mail a written request to Bank of America. Follow these steps:

  1. Write a letter requesting the closure of your savings account, including your account number, name, address, and signature
  2. Mail the letter to:

    Bank of America


    PO Box 25118

    Tampa, FL 33622-5118

Closing your account by mail may take longer than other methods due to processing and delivery times, but it can be a suitable option if you prefer written communication or cannot access other closure methods.

Important Considerations When Closing a Savings Account

When closing your Bank of America savings account, there are several important factors to keep in mind to ensure a smooth transition and avoid potential issues. These considerations include maintaining a zero balance, obtaining closure confirmation, understanding the impact on your credit score, and exploring options for opening a new account if needed.

Ensure You Have a Zero Balance to Avoid Fees

Before closing your savings account, make sure to withdraw or transfer all remaining funds, bringing your account balance to zero. Failure to do so may result in low balance fees or account closure fees, depending on your specific account terms and conditions.

Double-check your balance and transaction history to ensure that all pending transactions have cleared and that your account balance is indeed zero. This will help you avoid any unexpected charges during the closure process.

Obtain Confirmation of Your Account Closure

Once you have submitted your account closure request, whether online, by phone, in person, or by mail, make sure to obtain confirmation from Bank of America that your savings account has been successfully closed. This confirmation may come in the form of a written letter, email, or verbal acknowledgment from a representative.

Keeping a record of your account closure confirmation is important for your personal records and can serve as proof if any issues or discrepancies arise in the future.

Understand Potential Impacts on Your Credit Score

Closing a savings account generally does not have a direct impact on your credit score, as savings accounts are not typically reported to credit bureaus. However, if you have any associated overdraft protection or linked credit products, such as a credit card or line of credit, closing your savings account may affect those relationships and potentially impact your credit score.

Before closing your account, consider the potential consequences and discuss any concerns with a Bank of America representative to ensure you make an informed decision.

Open a New Savings Account Before Closing If Needed

If you still need a savings account for your financial goals and money management after closing your Bank of America account, consider opening a new account with another financial institution before completing the closure process. This will ensure a seamless transition and minimize any gaps in your saving habits.

Research and compare different savings account options to find the best fit for your needs, considering factors such as interest rates, fees, minimum balance requirements, and accessibility.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Bank of America

When closing your Bank of America savings account, you may want to consider eco-friendly alternatives that align with your values and support sustainable practices. One such option is Atmos, a digital banking platform that prioritizes environmental sustainability and offers fee-free banking services.

Consider Atmos for Sustainable, Fee-Free Banking

Atmos is a climate-positive banking alternative that helps customers reduce their carbon footprint and support green initiatives. By choosing Atmos, you can enjoy fee-free banking services, including a checking account, debit card, and access to a network of surcharge-free ATMs.

Atmos also offers unique features, such as virtual cards for secure online shopping, and the ability to track your carbon impact through your banking activities. By switching to Atmos, you can make a positive impact on the environment while managing your finances responsibly.

Understand the Environmental Impact of Your Bank

When evaluating banking options, it’s essential to consider the environmental impact of your chosen institution. Traditional banks, like Bank of America, often invest in and support industries that contribute to climate change, such as fossil fuels and fracking.

By choosing an eco-friendly alternative, like Atmos, you can ensure that your money is not supporting environmentally harmful practices and instead is being used to promote sustainable initiatives and projects.

Feature Bank of America Atmos
Environmental Impact Invests in fossil fuels and other carbon-intensive industries Climate-positive banking, supports sustainable projects
Fees Monthly maintenance fees and other charges may apply Fee-free banking services
Account Features Traditional checking and savings accounts, credit cards Checking account, debit card, virtual cards, carbon impact tracking

By understanding the environmental impact of your banking choices and considering eco-friendly alternatives like Atmos, you can make a positive difference in the fight against climate change while managing your finances responsibly.

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